Our Business

Pax Beverage Group is a group of several wine, beer and spirits importers in Norway and Iceland. Mjodur AS, Pulcher AS and Norbev AS is operating in Norway and Pax Vinum Ehf. in Iceland. Our focus for all countries is on medium price and quality products (best value) from all over the world.

At Pax Beverage Group we like to combine our interest of wine- and food culture into our customers lifestyle and have a good time while doing it. That way we manage to combine our hobby, lifestyle and work, not only to our own pleasure, but to benefit our customers and producers as well.
Our logistics partner Cuveco takes care of all distribution, transport and warehousing for us in Norway, while TVG Zimsen is our Icelandic partner. This gives us a better time and focus on the products and producers we work with.

Here at Pax Beverage group we have long experience in wine, beer and spirits import and sales in several countries, working with Monopolies, Supermarkets, Horeca and Duty Free.

We try to keep up with the trends in the Nordic countries as well as trends in the rest of the world to maximize our success in the long run. Successful long term relationship with good people is our goal and is reflected in our slogan “life’s too short for boring people and bad wine”.